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Thread: Lantern issues

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    Unhappy Lantern issues

    So I'm really frustrated. I am using lanterns in my current build which is in the same world as my previous builds. I am incorporating lanterns in it but whenever I log back on they aren't lit up?! It is the Chinese lanterns and the glow goo canister. I haven't had this problem before but I'm so sad cause then I have to wonder around back through my build and add more light again. Can this be fixed or is it just me ?

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    I just installed BlockWorld (pro) on my laptop, made a new world, chucked in a bunch of goo canisters and lanterns, quit, then reloaded and everything seemed fine. Perhaps I didn't wait long enough or it has something to do with your world...perhaps try building a little bit in a test world and see if you get the same problem there.
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    Alright thanks!

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